Slow Jig - Squiddo

Berkley Squiddo


The Berkley Squiddo Slow Jig is gonna be in the water all day long catching fish for you. The Squiddo combines slow movement with scent and action with the addition of Gulp or Powerbait soft baits. With the unique Owner Center-Pin Spring you can even add different scents and flavours for that extra fish-seducing smell. Simply attach a Gulp or PowerBait by screwing the plastic onto the Cente Ring Pin Spring. You can even mix and match with different Gulp shapes and colours!

The Squiddo's torpedo-shaped body improves sink rate, making it perfect for deep water applications. It also features a squid-shaped head, pulsing silicone skirts, life-like 3D eyes, and UV accents - no wonder this lure drives fish absolutely mad!

Berkley Squiddo Slow Jig Features:

  • Next generation slow jig technology
  • Torpedo shape improves sink rate for deep water applications
  • Heavy-duty double-assist hooks for hooking power
  • Pulsing silicone skirts
  • Lifelike 3D eyes complete with UV accents for extra appeal in deep water
  • Add the scent and flavour of Berkley Gulp via an Owner Centering-Pin spring
  • Replaceable skirts and assist rigs
  • Easy jigging action
  • Available sizes: 1oz, 2oz and 4oz
  • Available variants: Nuclear Chicken, Pink Shine, Blue Pepper Neon, Orange Tiger

Type: Softbait

Vendor: Berkley

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