Drag Juice for soft baits and slow jigs

Ocean Angler Drag Juice

Super sticky gel ideal for super charging softbaits, slow jigs, long jigs, Inchiku jigs and trolling lures.

Ocean Angelrs Secret Sauce will help you catch more fish.

Snapper, kingfish, squid, marlin, tuna - just about any saltwater fish - are all attracted to Ocean Anglers Secret Sauce.

Made of a sticky base and real bait that has been enhanced with powerful amino acids and other secret bite-motivators, as well as UV blast so more fish see and investigate your lures.

Volume: 2 fl oz

Paul Senior Ocean Angler: "Drag Juice. It's been formulated to mimmick what the snapper are feeding on in summer time. They forage on the sea floor gobbling up worms and crustaceans, our new Sauce is made from these tasty creatures. I gave it a sniff and yes it kind of smells like crayfish, we have already tested this formula around Auckland and the channels and it does work well."

Type: Softbait

Vendor: Ocean Angler

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