CTEK Comfort Indicator

CTEK Comfort Indicator

Includes socket for plugging in a Ctek Comfort Connect chargers. 

Making battery maintenance easy with easy indicator panel.

The single greatest cause of battery problems is lack of routine care and maintenance.

CTEK's ADD-ON Comfort Indicator - panel is designed and developed to make the maintenance of the battery in the vehicle easy and convenient. Comfort Indicator - panel easily shows the status on the battery and makes sure that the battery can always get the care it needs. It is perfectly suited in the standard panel on the vehicle. CTEK's Comfort Indicator - panel can prolong the life expectancy of the battery, as it makes sure it can always be fully charged and it indicates when the harmful sulphation process begins. It is perfect for all CTEK 12V battery chargers with Comfort Connect, XS 800, MXS 3600 and MXS 7000.

For example, did you know that over 70% of batteries returned that are believed to be faulty are in fact not defective at all - just flat or deeply discharged.

Not surprising really. How can you tell when a battery is in need of charge? And how many people realistically will charge their battery on a regular basis in the same way they may do another routine task, such as checking tyre pressure?

The usual time you discover your battery requires charging is when it's too late and that is always at the most inconvenient time of all - just when you need the car for work or the bike or boat etc. for fun!

8.4mm eyelet terminal, 150cm cable, 15A fuse, Size: 35mm x 21mm x 50mm.

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