About Us

The website Adventure Fishing was initiated after an introduction to PWC Fishing in the Summer holidays in 2007. At that stage I, Andrew Hill had purchased a pre-loved second hand 4 stroke. After many hours of wave hopping and playing with the family on sea toys, the novelty soon wore off.

We then decided to test the theory of fishing from a personal watercraft... For this first encounter we had no rod holding hardware, we were only armed with our safety equipment and some basic rod and reel combos. We decided to try some local spots nearby from where we were staying at Waihi Beach in New Zealand.

For this adventure, I went fishing with one of my sons, Jayden, who was 9 years old at the time. We were using the traditional fishing method of bait and it wasn't long before we were catching some of the local fish life, with smiles all round... The biggest difficulty was finding somewhere to hold the rods while retrieving the fish and next was, where to store the fish?

It was at this point with all the excitement, I knew a pwc had potential to be a great fishing platform, when fitted out appropriately. The fishing session was a great success and before long my mind was ticking, wondering how best to achieve the ultimate option, to transform my own watercraft in to a viable fishing machine.

After the holidays that year, I did some research seeing what was available as a readily available product, to fit a watercraft for fishing. There was nothing, so I then decided to design my own with the help of a local stainless fabricator. The process was time consuming and somewhat frustrating with research and development! All I wanted to do was go fishing, right there and then. After a few attempts and finally coming up with a product that was reliable, without design faults, I finally got to enjoy some fun trips with the right gear.

There was growing interest with every trip with many people asking where I got my kit and wondering how good were watercraft for fishing. Their first question posed an opportunity for me and the second question of "how good were pwc for fishing" was easy...the fishing was awesome! I next proceeded to manufacture and market a high quality product for anyone with a Sea-Doo, Kawasaki or Yamaha to purchase an off the shelf fishing kit. The kit was named the "Ultimate Rod Holder" and now is the leading fishing kit on the global market, being sold all around the world. With any good idea and product, there is now many inferior knock offs, be sure to buy once and right, make sure you purchase a genuine "Ultimate Rod Holder". With the kit completed, many other accessories were soon developed which made my fishing experience a whole lot easier with the ease of use and practicality of each of these innovative products.  And the most enjoyable part is that I now enjoy the fishing even more as it has become my job, writing fishing adventures and managing a website community, seeing many others enjoy the same fun I do with Jet-ski fishing.

Our workshop/office is located at Bucklands Beach (by appointment only) and you can also visit our full showroom PHONE 021 864 560.

This store is the one stop shop, we are passionate about our business, most experienced in personal water craft and adding to our extensive knowledge by actively fishing. We carry all the accessories to adapt your new or used pwc to fishing. With our customer service and the best fishing tackle choice in Auckland, we are a 'must visit' when considering getting started with thesport, accessories or advise. I look forward to assisting with your interest, come see me personally in store.

Cheers, Andrew Hill

New Zealand Jetskifishing Club - President