Sea-Doo GTX LTD iS Fit-out

2014 Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260

This is a custom fit out for one of our clients who has been Jetskifishing for over 4 years on Sea-Doos. He started with a Sea-Doo GTX, next a Sea-Doo S3 AS, now the flagship model GTX Limited.


Is a 2014 Sea-Doo GTX Limited, 1498cc Supercharged, 3 seater model, this comes with plenty of water tight storage up front and a large glove box. Exclusive limited features like a custom cover, Speed Ties™, depth finder and glove box organiser to its ultra-plush touring seat, the Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260 model represents the ultimate in luxury and convenience.
Add on its iControl and IBR technologies, closed loop cooling including a fully Intelligent Suspension, and you get the smoothest, most satisfying ride possible. 


DMW single axle multi roller with guide poles and the retractable jockey wheel.

Fish finder / GPS

This is our biggest project yet, with the advance suspension we first required removing the whole top half of the ski to route the cables.

Once the top is off, allowed the necessary access to run the cabling for the thru-hull transducer mounted at the rear left of the ski. We gain the best performance from sounders with true thru-hull transducers installed, clear reading at deeper depths and no risk of damaging the transducer as we use to experience with transom mounted units. After the hole is carefully cut, the bronze transducer is mounted from underneath.

The transducer is sealed and tightened inside the hull with the large threaded nut.

With the transducer mounted, the next stage is to remove the original battery and mount our aftermarket dual battery box. The factory module, starter block and fuse assembly also needs relocating, all very easy with our aftermarket battery box.

The battery box mounts to the factory bolt locations on the Sea-Doo GTX Limited, this keeps the install tidy and clean if ever requiring to put the ski back to its original state.

 With the battery box located, the additional cables for the sounder/gps power, navigation lights and CTEK battery conditioner can be run through the factory ski loom.

Cables prepared for the next stage.

With all the necessary cable run through the ski, the top was refitted and time to prepare the area where our aftermarket Raymarine E7 mount is installed. Masking the area before attaching the first stage of the bracket.

Bracket attached with cables pulled through and ready for the genuine Raymarine trunnion mount to be attached.

Raymarine E7 (Jet-ski modified unit from our Jetskifishing Store) this was chosen because of its clarity, ease of use and the fact that it is semi water protected and is rich in features with its large 7" display. The 600 watt tilted element transducer is installed thru the hull to bring out the best in this unit. I have installed a second battery, this is so the fish finder, navigation lights have a dedicated battery to ensure the PWC will start and not run the main battery flat. The dual battery system is wired with a VSR and dual battery switch allowing the main battery to receive priority charging and thereafter charging the second battery.


Ultimate Rod Holder

This is a proven light weight fishing kit, with all the strength required for the most extreme of Jetskifishing trips. The "Ultimate Rod Holder" fishing kits are the real mccoy, developed 10 years ago by myself, the innovator of the next wave in Jetskifishing. With two angled rod holders and three extra straight up and down, being used for a net or gaf. The "Ultimate Rod Holder" and fittings where designed so they can be easily removed within 1 minute, for general PWC fun. You will have no fish smell associated with your PWC, as the Igloo 51 litre marine white chilly bin is removable for washing etc. the insulated chilly bin has the all necessary fish measure and drain plug for easy cleaning.  Another great accessory is the Ultimate Bait Tray, a quality fabricated stainless tray to hold a large tub of Gulp Alive soft baits and any light tackle at your closest convenience while fishing.

Battery Maintenance

Installed with our CTEK battery conditioning system, the charging socket has easy access within the glove box area.

Navigation Lights

Stealthily installed in the front hatch, with an illuminated switch in the glove box area so you can visually confirm whether your navs are turned on or off.

Dual Battery System

Marine switching and cabling added to allow uninterrupted supply to the accessories which all run on the second battery. The ASR regulates the charging of the main battery first and once reaching 14.4 volts, clicks over to charge the second battery.

This is by far the most seriously spec'd ski we have completed for Jetskifishing!