Daiwa Sea-Doo GTX Fit-out

Sea-Doo GTX

Andrew Hill's personal and current fishing platform, personalised with the best in options so I can enjoy the sport of personal watercraft fishing to its full potential.

The Sea-Doo received a new unique look, see the full wrap with the YouTube video


The 2016 Sea-Doo GTX, 1498cc, stock standard 3 seater model comes with plenty of water tight storage up front and a newly upsized larger glove box. Some of the advantages with the GTX is the VTS and cruise control, a few more comforts for longer rides. The GTX has great performance, and can be very fuel efficient with the added option of economy mode. The Sea-Doo has plenty of torque and 155 horsepower to accomplish my out-wide trips with plenty of excitement. On a Sea-Doo I can go ahead with trips that would be questioned in a smaller boat in most weather windows... Power is instant!


DMW single axle, multi roller with guide poles, retractable  jockey wheel and spare wheel.

Fish finder / GPS

Raymarine ES78 (These units are available and custom installed at Adventure Fishing) ES78 is chosen because of its clarity, ease of use, large display and the most advanced unit to date which copes in the environment of pwc fishing. Combined with sonar Platinum Charts, I can view the best available detail for structure and contour lines so I can hunt the fish.

The chirp tilted element transducer is installed thru the hull of the ski.This is the view from inside the hull, professionally installed with nothing to obscure a clear reading.

External view shows you the flush service, out of the way of dirty/turbulent water, achieving the optimum clear depth reading. The Sea-Doo tracks a depth reading at up to 70 kph with the Raymarine Thru-hull chirp transducer.

I have installed a second battery with the Ultimate battery box on the original mounting points at the left rear of the ski.

This is used so the fish finder, navigation lights have a dedicated battery to ensure the PWC will always start and not run the main battery flat. The dual battery system is wired with a VSR and dual battery switch allowing the main battery to receive priority charging and thereafter charging the second battery. This complete dual battery system is available at Adventure Fishing and is the peace of mind all serious fisho's require when on any solo missions.

Fishing kit

The chosen chilly bin set is a proven light weight fishing kit, with all the strength required for the most extreme of fishing trips. The "Ultimate Rod Holder" fishing kits are the real mccoy, developed 10 years ago by myself, the innovator of the next wave in pwc fishing. With two angled rod holders and three extra straight up and down, being used for a net or gaf. The "Ultimate Rod Holder" and fittings were designed so they can be easily removed within 1 minute, for general PWC fun. You will have no fish smell associated with your PWC, as the Igloo 51 litre marine white chilly bin is removable for washing etc. The insulated chilly bin has the all necessary fish measure and drain plug for easy cleaning.  Another great accessory is the Ultimate Bait Tray, a quality fabricated stainless tray to hold a large tub of Gulp Alive soft baits and any light tackle at your closest convenience while fishing.


Ultimate Catch Bag

For those large catches, I use the Ultimate Catch Bag. This keeps the fish in cool condition in the insulated catch bag, specifically designed for pwcfishing. Complete with straps to attach to harness points on your ski, means your fish can be transported back to base in the best condition.


I personally use Daiwa rods & reels with soft plastic baits, and when targeting Kingfish I have a Daiwa Monster Mesh with the Saltist 30T reel. I also use Berkley accessories for tackle, along with the Gulp soft bait range. I now also supply the terminal tackle and can advise you what works best for me. To protect your reels from loss overboard, we have the Ultimate Reel cover, designed to reduce salt spray while traveling on my fishing adventures.


I also use a Mcmurdo Personal Location Beacon which is also attached to my vest for absolute emergency when needing life saving assistance (available on our website).  My cellphone is safely stored in a Lifeproof case with a Cobra VHF attached to my vest. The Sea-Doo GTX is fitted out with LED navigation lights for riding to and from adventures in low light.

Added safety equipment is the Tracking System, allowing real-time tracking for family to see where I am on the water and added security to see where the Sea-Doo is at all times. This system is supplied and installed by Adventure Fishing $600NZ supplied and installed, plus $25NZ monitoring per month.

As you can see I have done just about all I can with the Sea-Doo to make my fishing experience comfortable and safe.  I chose a Sea-Doo PWC as I like the solitude of the water after a busy week, I can launch and retrieve it by myself, use it for small game fishing and hunting Snapper, Kingfish etc. The beauty of my ski is I can very quickly convert it to tow a wake board, water-skiers, or just go out and cruise or have fun wave jumping. It is versatile, very economical and fun as well as multi-purpose. The whole family can enjoy your fishing platform. It comes into its own when fishing soft baits and white water, why spend hours getting to where you want to go by paddling a Kayak or waiting for you crew on a boat. With pwcfishing, I can get there fast and be home with a feed of fish while the others are still thinking about the long journey ahead. Enjoy the fishing experience as I have, with the easy life of pwcfishing.