Specialist jet ski insurance allows you to protect your jet ski and spend more time on the water, worry free.

Family fun, fishing or just getting out there – we know you will use your jet ski for almost anything on the water, and with jet ski insurance you can protect your valuable family asset!

Whats covered with jet ski insurance?

Jet Ski's (trailerable personal watercraft) are covered for sudden accidental physical loss or damage; machinery, trailer, equipment and other accessories; including transportation and storage on land and launching and retrieving. Mariner Insurance will also offer Third Party liability cover as standard ($10M) to protect you if you are legally liable for loss or damage for other's property.

Is jet ski insurance important?

Its important to protect not only your jet ski but also yourself. Even if you think your jet ski isn’t worth much, every boatie needs to be covered for third-party liability, in the event that they are found legally liable for damage to another person’s property. 

What should I be aware of? 

Insurance companies need to know where your jet ski will be stored, a bit about your boating or jet ski experience and how you will be securing it. You need to tell them about past claims too.

How much does jet ski insurance cost?

How much you’ll pay to insure your jet ski depends mostly on the value of the jet ski, your experience, and your claims history. Mariner Insurance only cover the main jet ski brands that have local support and dealers.

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