Jig Head Berkley Nitro series Saltwater Pro

Jig Head - Saltwater Pro

WEIGHTS 1/2 oz to 1oz 3/0, 5/0 and 7/0

The Nitro Saltwater Pro jigs are big, strong and sharp. Based around a X4 strong Owner chemically sharpened hook, these are the jigs for dropping jerkshads into the mouths of reef dwellers, stopping a Mangrove jack in its tracks or pulling an impoundment barra from the weed.

Quantity in Pack: 3/0 and 5/0 5 per pack, 7/0 3 per pack.


Grub Keeper Design:

The grub keeper design throughout the range has been refined, with a sharper entry angle to allow the plastic to be fed onto the keeper easily with no splitting or damage. The quad rib grub keeper then holds the plastics more firmly than any other jighead on the market. The grub keeper is also strengthened in the area where it meets the head to eliminate breakage in this area.

Precision Engraving:
In order to easily identify the weight of the jighead, each and every model, right down to the 1/32 Oz jighead has been precision engraved with it's weight.

Type: Hooks

Vendor: Berkley

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