Ultimate ST3 Dual Battery Control Panel

The latest solution to mount hardware for controlling a double battery system with a house battery for the main power feed and the auxiliary battery isolated to only run accessories.

Andrew Hill Signature Series, Ultimate ST3 Dual Battery Control Panel, suits 2019/2020/2021/2022 and 2023 FISH PRO

Easily adapt your existing dual battery system to have an easy access combine battery switch, independently power your accessories while wired with a house battery and a secure area to also install a VSR/ASR

Included - 3mm marine Grade Aluminum Panel with mounting screws and nuts

Colour options - Natural Aluminum, Black or Blue anodised UV protected heavy duty alloy plate.

The panel easily mounts to the existing FISH PRO knee panel screw points above the FISH PRO fuse panel (this panel is out of the weather/sea spray and easily accessed for when the rider needs to access the switch for a flat battery scenario)

IMAGE showing the panel fitted with an option Bluesea or BEP Combine battery switch, an ASR/VSR has space to be mounting in the area behind the red switch

WE WILL ALSO HAVE FULL BUNDLE OPTIONS COMING SOON FOR ALL NECESSARY HARDWARE, including combine battery switch, asr/vsr, secondary battery box, switchable battery system wiring loom and electric reel external plug.

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