Big Baits, Big Catch!

If you haven't been getting out on the water, you are missing out on one of the best times of the year to fish. I have been on another adventure to the region of our next social trip and once again it didn't disappoint! This massive Snapper was caught on the new Gulp 10" Eel, available online.

These big Snapper put some serious hurt on the gear so if you are targeting them, be prepared with the right equipment for the job. The rig I used to catch this 23 pounder was caught with the following gear

Check out the video action and this fish being weighed in on the scales.

The big baits had consistently good results attracting the better sized fish, we also had the bonus of catching some nice sized Trevally as well. This session was epic, with more fish released than kept, days like that are an experience of a lifetime.

 This adventure included a record sized Snapper for Charlie, going 31 pound!

Pete also lived up to his name with another 20 pounder on a Gulp bait!

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill