Limit your catch!

The base for our next social trip at Doubtless Bay has a number of stunning fishing locations. With the lack of fishing pressure, this region has delivered some exceptionally hot fishing on a number of occasions! There are a wide variety of fish species, which adds to the excitement with what each cast will catch.
For this adventure I trialed the new 10" Gulp Eels, the Snapper went crazy for them! Easily rigged with the 2oz Elevator Rig made for another fishing day we will never forget.
If you too would like to catch some fish in this area, I recommend signing up while there are still some spots for our final social trip for the year. Every trip to the destination of Doubtless Bay is a fun adventure and the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.
Here is the first of my latest video action.  You will see the power of the big Trevally in the Far North.
Next up some serious action on the softbaits and an encounter with an unexpected Shark.
When the fishing gets this hot, it's best practice to limit your catch and not catch your limit. We are fortunate to have a great fishery in New Zealand and it would be lovely for future generations to be able to enjoy it as we do. Plenty of the fish I catch are for the sport and I release more than what I choose to keep.
Keep tuned to my Facebook page, there are plenty of fun activities on over the next month. The New Zealand Jetskifishing Club is also hosting a guest speaker for a soft bait seminar with Paul Chen, make sure you are signed up.

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill