Our best soft baiting yet... 26th to 28th of December 2012

I have just arrived back from an amazing few days break in the Far North with the family.

Over the duration of the trip we all landed a number of Personal Bests on the soft baits, enjoying some exceptional fishing and all within 5km from the beach.

Even with the first day’s weather not turning out to be terribly flash, I still made the most of the average sea conditions and managed to catch a few small Kings and a nice Snapper on the Jigs.

A nice Snapper on the 300 gram Jigstar Alien Jig.

This summer was another success for my eldest son, Jayden, who caught a number of Kingfish, thoroughly enjoying the battle these tough fish put up.

The next day, was a morning on the water with my partner Kristy, whose goal was to land a good fish on the soft baits off her jet-ski. There were plenty of Snapper at the 20 metre mark, but after a morning of trying all she seemed to land were generous sized pannies.

We persisted fishing for Kristy, in hope to catch her, this better size fish she had been dreaming about. It was then while I was casually fishing when I instead was fortunate enough to “hooking the big one”!

The action was caught on video, it was not long after me casting the Gulp, 7” Lime Tiger, that the bait was smashed as it was sinking through the water column. The fish had so much power that the initial hook up had the peeling braid cut through the handle bar grips as I was railed by the fish’s first run! After what seemed like a brief tussle, my new ‘Personal Best’ emerged to the surface to our surprise, so much so it was a mammoth task for my net!

What a thrill this was landing such a trophy fish on the soft baits... After some consideration about releasing it, we decided to take it home with us as I had always hoped for a decent Snapper to be mounted and on display at the Jetskifishing Store to show the success we have fishing off jet-skis.

After that fish, we called it quits for the day and headed back to the beach for a few photos and had its weight verified by Kieron at Reel Rods.

The third day was a trip out with my 10 year old son Cooper at first light. He was eager to get some big Snapper action and I assured him the reward come after a early start on the water. The morning started slowly but finally he was catching and releasing a steady stream of fish between 450 to 500mm in length. He was really after a 10 pounder so we kept going with a focus he could hook a big one at any time.

Most times I take out a passenger on the ski fishing, I normally pass time by having a soft bait at the same time myself. As I did the day before, a cast of twenty metres ahead of the ski, this time using a Gulp, 6” New Penny Grub. With me manipulating the bait on the drop, it was smashed at 10 metres depth, this was another solid fish! I couldn’t believe the quality of fishing and to our amazement 10 minutes later a bigger fish than the day before was landed!

I had to get Cooper to help with this one, as we intended on releasing it! Check out the video link, truly special the excitement kids get with fishing.

We eventually removed the jig head that was awkwardly wedged in the fish’s mouth. Unfortunately after three challenging attempts the fish was unable to swim away, so needless to say is destined for the smoker. Cooper continued to fish and what he thought was going to be a great Snapper, soon realised with the screaming braid that he was to going to land his first Kingfish. He did great and after a 15 minute battle, had a legal Kingfish for a photo, which was swiftly released.

Cooper had enough after a strenuous Kingfish battle and called it quits for his days fishing...

After phoning Kristy with the early wake up to let her know that the fishing was hot, the opportunity was offered at one last attempt for a big Snapper? She was undoubtedly keen, so with a quick ride back to the beach to swap passengers, we set back off out to the fishing grounds and were soon on to the Snapper again. Her goal fish was a struggle and after a good dozen fish released, she finally thought she had the big one, to only find a foul hooked Snapper had consumed her energies! Kristy was devastated after all her hard work so I suggested one last drift. The pressure was on and then she finally managed to hook the fish she was after... I knew I would be in the dog box if she lost the fish, so I was carefully choosing my words. The story ended great, she landed her fish and our mission was accomplished. Sure was awesome fishing in the Far North and plenty of family fun with memories to look back on.

All back to work now and after selling a couple more new skis, I will be setting these up so these happy new customers can get started with Jetskifishing and enjoy the sport as much as we do.

With this manic month ahead we will also be getting prepared for our biggest Jetskifishing over-nighter to the Bay of Islands, 30 skis for 4 days of fun!

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill