Ticking all the boxes with Jetskifishing... 20th of May 2013

Here in New Zealand we have just completed the annual Hutchwilco Boat Show and this is the first year that our New Zealand Jetskifishing Club had representation at the show. We had two member’s skis on the club display and bonus exposure with BRP getting behind the sport by having my own second ski on display at their main stand. After a few days working both stands, it was great hearing the growing interest from the public towards the sport. It sure was a great opportunity, with our rostered club members sharing their experience, inspiration and passion with others wanting to learn more about the sport.

As the show came to an end, I had talked so much Jetskifishing, I just wanted to get out there and do it!

The weather on Monday was one of those days, you should just clear the diary and take advantage of the freedom we have with Jetskifishing and not requiring a crew. I fully prepped for winter mode, wearing my first layer of the all proven thermal Sharkskin clothing and an upper wet weather layer to be ready for any unexpected salt spray and wind chill. The next accessory is a “don’t leave home without it” in my kit, which is the ultimate face protection... Jetskifisho’s who have experienced the benefits of a SavePhace Jetskifishing Mask will know what I’m talking about, no more uncomfortable wind chill or saltwater spray in your eyes! Exclusive in NZ to the Jetskifishing Store.

This day was what makes all the challenging days on the water worthwhile, where it is full speed spot to spot, enjoying every minute with the opportunity to head wide in search of a work-up!

That’s where I headed, out wide, to this following pictured area where the fish should be holding there for the next few weeks.

For those new to fishing the work-ups, it is what I call “not for the faint hearted” nor for inexperienced boaties or novices, being new Jetskifisho’s.

More often than not, the larger and intense work-ups with Dolphins, Whales and Gannets are further off shore therefore you require significant sea hour experience, a wing man, appropriate safety equipment, a reliable ski and your wits about you for the unexpected.

It is an amazing experience when you find them and if new to it, understand do not drive through the middle of the activity, as you risk dispersing the action and missing out on the potential of what acts as a giant burley trail. It is very frustrating to be enjoying some great fishing and see skippers drive right through the middle of the action...

On this adventure the fish were of a consistent size of 40cm plus Snapper, with nothing special but perfect for some dinners over the next few nights.

I got a little overexcited in all the action and started fishing two rods... After catching the first few fish on my favoured Gulp soft baits, I opted for the ever popular work-up slow jig lure of the Jitterbug. As expected I was soon on to another fish, this time a string pulling Kahawai to add to the New Zealand Jetskifishing Club – Leader Board.

In our all jet-ski fishing club with over 50 members there is plenty of fun and educational activities. We have regular seminars, social events, a members only comp and now the measure your fish to be added on the newly introduced annual leader board.

Many of you seasoned fisho’s will already know, fishing two rods has a risk of losing any good strikes which is what I was doing throughout this session...

Although I binned up and had a great time, a reminder again, to catch the solid fish put all your concentration into one rod and reel.

Another tip for soft baiting, I personally find my best success is with constantly feeling of the braid while soft baiting, rather than the visual. Example is, I will be scanning the surrounding area, looking for sign on the sounder/water for any potential fish activity. No need to be watching my rod tip as I am feeling for that important strike through the sensitivity of the braid, with the rod tip low enough so I can strike the fish at the necessary moment it hits the soft bait.

P.S. Breaking strength of braid is brutal, never risk fully restricting braid in any way with your fingers or hand, as it will slice faster than you can detach.

With enough fish it was time to head back home with a 60 mile an hour plus ride on flat waters, feeling how good we have it with Jetskifishing.

The ease of the sport has more than its share of boxes ticked as far as a practical fishing platform. A big bonus is the wash down process which is quick and convenient, being able to store the ski with minimal space required at home.

The hardest part of the day was all the fish filleting! Life is good if that’s the down side of Jetskifishing.





Matt Maclean
Matt Maclean