Take advantage of the small weather windows with Jetskifishing... 19th of June 2013

With the winter weather here, it pays to be prepared for the cold temperatures so you are able to enjoy some rewarding shallow water Jetskifishing. Fortunately with all of our seasoned Jetskifisho’s research and development towards suitable winter apparel, you no longer need to be wet and cold as we have all the apparel you need in-store. At the Jetskifishing Store we stock the fully proven Sharkskin thermal range and also new on our shelves, are our newest range of additional wet weather layers. Our packages, start from an affordable $260 for a set, including separate top and coastal trousers. Give me a call so I can discuss what is best available to suit your needs.

Something you soon experience once Jetskifishing, is that every trip can easily be turned into a different adventure. Of late, I have enjoyed exploring some different areas amongst my local fishing grounds. My last two local sessions have seen me heading down the inside of Waiheke Island, to fish what is known as the bottom end.

This particular day had me leaving the less than pleasant central Auckland weather, to these magic conditions only fifteen minutes ride away.

If you haven’t fished this area before, I recommend you go exploring, as there are great fish holding there over the next month. Be sure to study your marine charts so you are familiar with the no fishing zone of the local marine reserve and any submerged rocks. You know you are in the right area for the Snapper when you are being accompanied by the local commercial boats working a 3km zone.

As with the majority of my Snapper fishing, it was once again successful with the Gulp soft baits for the shallow waters of 15 metres.

Just like my previous session, the fish were aggressive and hitting any of the coloured baits I threw at them. Curiosity soon got the better of me and I headed over to Gannet Rock where I had released my best Snapper of last week. I’m always eager to have the battles with the big moochas, can’t get enough of that lighter gear action.

I am very selective with what fish I take home for dinner, so many get released, as the biggest attraction for me is the sporting side of Jetskifishing.

When you have your ski setup with the electronics and gadgets such as the systems I have supplied and fitted for my clients, it’s rewarding being able to hunt the fish in the areas you know they are holding. Heading to my GPS spot I had marked on my Raymarine E7 sounder from the previous week, I was able to locate the fish sign. For those unfamiliar with setting for a drift, I then rode about 50 metres past the sign, so I had time to prepare the bait for casting so the bait would float down in to the fish zone.

Great when it works to plan, more fish with the desired eating size getting better.

More fishing and more catching, always exciting when the fish are on the bite. The next fish had some real ‘get up and go’, plenty of string being pulled and I had my hopes set for a solid fish. It was a different species to my all familiar Snapper, this being a nice Trevally, which put up a superior fight.

Eventually the wind started to increase, so I headed back around to Kauri Point to find some shelter.

This is where my better fish of the day came from, just fishing the drop off.


I soon had enough fish to feed our family for a couple of nights meals. So I packed up the gear for a fast ride back to Bucklands Beach beating the approaching bad weather.

Thanks again for all the friends making donations to help make a difference for the Heart Foundation.


We now have fifteen riders stepping up to the challenge, and have already raised over five thousand dollars!

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill