Why we are hooked on Jetskifishing... January 16th 2015

The last few months has seen me continuing getting many newbies started with Jetskifishing.  A vast number of the enquiries start off with a phone call to me and most saying "I own or owned a boat and are interested in the fun you are having with Jetskifishing"

Some of the common reasons they aren't enjoying the boat as much as they expected:

  1. no crew when required
  2. depreciation on boat
  3. maintenance costs
  4. time consuming to prepare launching and get to spots
  5. boat was too big to handle
  6. lack of space to store boat
  7. they aren't catching many fish!
  8. cleaning time 

Follow our advice and you will be a step closer to having more fun fishing! In my experience, I see that many of our community now catch more fish and are constantly achieving their new personal best targets. Much of their success is a result of their jet-ski fishing platforms being outfitted to a premium level and fishing with educated techniques for soft baiting.

As much as I enjoy the different levels of Jetskifishing, like catching a Monster Kingfish or landing a Trophy Snapper in the middle of nowhere, I still always appreciate the simple basics which keeps me in touch with what the typical kiwi bloke wants out of Jetskifishing...Catching a feed of Snapper!

Don't get me wrong, the extreme side of Jetskifishing is heaps of fun, with the 'out wide' missions and big Kingfish, but realistically only a small minority of people ever really get out to do it.  This is because it is:

  •  harder on the body,
  • more costly
  • takes more time
  • it requires more experience and further safety gear.

If setting up with the sport correctly, you will get the same enjoyment that got me hooked which was having so much fun with soft baiting and slow jigs for Snapper.

Remembering my early years of boat fishing with smelly baits, yes I know 'big fish, big baits', but not the mess you need and extra work for on a ski! Keep it simple and most important sporting.

A Jetskifishing platform is one step closer to the water than you would be use to on a boat. Bent rod action has your rod tip beneath the waters surface, a very cool feeling knowing you are so close to the action! You can really appreciate the atmosphere of being in touch with nature and sometimes a little to in touch ;-) We catch a great average size  fish soft baiting and plenty of nice ones once learning the basics about what tackle works best on a ski.


Jokes aside, I've only seen a few Sharks and most of the time as soon as the ski starts, they bolt! I don't burley very often, so there is no real attraction apart from the occasional fish on the end of your line.

I have been targeting Snapper over the summer break in depths of 15 to 30 metres, plenty of fun on my Daiwa Saltist rod.


One of the keys to not being bored with my fishing is being active with my fishing, continually casting/retrieving and changing coloured/sized baits if no action. I use the best in electronics that cope with the environment of Jetskifishing, sonar charts with a tilted element transducer which lets me find fish and target them, rather than fishing blind.


My years of photos with Jetskifishing paint a lovely picture of the sport, yet there is a physical side! We get bad days on the water too, like any boating. I expect the weather forecasts to get it slightly wrong and will often time my trips with tides so I only endure a one way a rough ride... On occasion it is not unusual for me to be subjected to 35 plus knots in 3 metre swells however it is surprising what the skis can handle in these sea conditions and the riding on a larger ski, allows me more confidence than on a small boat. I operate a cellphone in a dry case, high wattage handheld VHF, personal locator beacon, so you need to be prepared. Always wear a vest and be clothed appropriately, as you never know what can happen unexpectedly on the water.  The mask is an extra measure to make the rides more enjoyable, with:

  • no wind chill
  • less salt water spray
  • less noise
  • protects your eyes
  • reduces sun burn

Attached is one of my recent videos of soft baiting for Snapper, using 1 oz jigs which I cast away from the ski and work the soft bait while it was sinking through the water column. I find the bigger Snapper hit higher in the water column and the pannies are often the bigger numbers sitting in the lower depths.

Some additional footage of Kingfish action on my Snapper gear, fighting well above their weight... heaps of fun!

If you are Jetskifishing, post your pics on my Facebook Page and tell us where you have been fishing. Our next social trip is 26th February.  So if you want to catch big fish and learn more about the sport, sign up before you miss out on our last summer trip.

Cheers, Andrew Hill


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill