We have a new King... 18th April 2015

This was another awesome event with a big turnout of eager jetskifisho's from all throughout the country. Check out our latest video previewing this exciting event.


Congrats to Ian Charlton who took out the top prize, receiving $1,000 cash and the title 'King of Jetskifishing' on his Sea-Doo GTX iS Limited which I recently kitted out for his fishing missions. The full build and what gear he uses is at http://www.jetskifishing.co.nz/pages/sea-doo-gtx-ltd-is-fit-out

Full results as follows:



SPRING Kids Heaviest Snapper

1st  Ryan Johnson - 2.30kg, 2nd  Cooper Hill - 1.75kg, 3rd Josh Kelly - .85kg

DAIWA Heaviest Other Species

1st Paul Piper - John Dory 1.05kg, 2nd Peter Jacobsen - Gurnard, 3rd Lucky Draw

SHARKSKIN Heaviest Kingfish

1st Peter Jacobson - 8.90kg, 2nd Lucky Draw, 3rd Lucky Draw

RAYMARINE Heaviest Kahawai

1st Richie Hanna - 2.60kg, 2nd Adam Thompson - 2.50kg, 3rd Ryan Johnson - 2.35kg

CATCH Team of Jetskifishing

Peter Jacobson and Brent Martin - Yamaha

NZ JETSKIFISHING CLUB Legend of Jetskifishing

Paul Piper - 3 species

BERKLEY Average Weight Snapper

Daniel Michev

JFK POWERSPORTS King of Jetskifishing

1st Ian Charlton - 5.0kg, 2nd Adam Thompson - 3.75kg, 3rd Mike Barnes - 2.45kg, 4th Roy Rowden - 2.20kg, 5th Quinn Barnes - 2.15kg

What's on the coming event calendar?
New Zealand Jetskifishing Club night
Date - Tuesday 5th May 2015
Location - Waipuna Conference Centre, Wellington Bar
Time - 6:30pm
Become a member at www.nzjetskifishing.co.nz
Snapper Cup # 7 Members only comp, you must be signed up as a member by the end of April...

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Cheers, Andrew Hill


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill