What is swimming beneath while Jetskifishing?

August has been a busy month for me with so many people coming to me to get them set-up with all the right gear and started with the sport.  With this, it has meant I have had less time for fishing, so on Friday arvo I finally found a small window to head out for a fish. Leaving Bucklands Beach, my destination was Gannet Rock and a magic day on the water I will never forget. Though a dream day, that winter chill was definitely still in the air, so although this was just a short ride, I always go with my warm weather clothing to make the day more enjoyable and make sure I am prepared for the conditions.  So it was disappointing to see another Jetskifisho heading out from Half Moon Bay, ill-prepared with minimal clothing and not obeying the speed restrictions.  This can be a bit frustrating to see and hopefully he hears about our community so he can learn more so he can enjoy it as our club members and my clients I kit out do and be prepared for the conditions and safer out on the water. 
The water was glassing out and got better as I headed further out past the islands and ferry wakes. The reason I chose to head for Gannet was to fish an area that has strong current flow, so I could get some drift for my soft bait as I was arriving on slack tide. Surprisingly the drift was still fast even on full tide in this area, allowing my baits to be presented attractive enough to entice the Snapper.

Wasn't long and I had a couple of good sized eating Snapper in the Ultimate Rod Holder chilly bin.

Another of the many things I do while fishing and often take for granted that not everyone does, is I continually analyze structure and fish sign on my sounder, while watching my bait in the water for anything following it on the wind up and checking the surrounding area for any fish/bird life. This is where the scanning paid off, about 1 km away I could see what I thought was white caps building on the sea towards Coromandel. Soon after that I spotted a few birds in the distance, the adrenaline kicked in as I started visualising a monster work up!

The following video footage shows another incredible experience with Jetskifishing, share with your friends so they to can see the fun we have being so in touch with nature.

 Join us at our next social trip at the tip of the Coromandel.  There are only a couple of spots left for our October trip, don't miss out on the big fish with the Spring Work-Up action!

Cheers, Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill