How I catch the fish...

These next few months we see the fish in closer to home and now is the time to take advantage while using quality electronics.

Some basic tips before your fishing, prepare yourself with some local knowledge on to which general area people have been catching. This will help you find the fish faster, while hunting with your sounder in areas you would expect the fish to be feeding. A big attraction with Jetskifishing is the quick time for our fishing sessions and more reason to find the fish first with your sounder. Fishing is more successful when having confidence on where to direct your soft bait and at what depth. I can assure you, even with my 10 years soft baiting off a ski, if fishing without sonar charts on an accurate fish finder, I wouldn't achieve as an effective catch rate.

In my experience, six of my 20 pound plus fish caught on soft baits, have all hit the soft bait high up in the water column. This is the area as the bait sinks once being cast away from the ski, typically the big fish are coming up to attack the soft bait as it is being twitched via my rod tip and the fish will strike in the upper 10 metres of depth. You may laugh, but my fishing method is pretty much common sense, I visualise from a Snappers perspective on how, where and what they are feeding on. Once locating the fish at the target area, this will give me a head start to what bait selection will work best, and which size/weight jig head for the fish I am targeting.

If you are still struggling to catch fish, go back to basics, sometimes it is as simple as knots and gear preparation being the reason your bait presentation is not enticing the fish. I am happy to assess your own fishing gear and make any recommendations on solutions I offer to suit your budget. Once you are catching on regular outings, you can start enjoying the sport to its full potential.

On the other side of it, rigged right with the fishing is red hot, the fish will pretty much hit the bait any how its presented! Check out this latest video of Cooper and I fishing the other week at another of our pick spots. Once we found the fish on the sounder, the rest was easy, so much that Cooper only needed to get the bait to the bottom and the fish did the rest!

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill