King of Jetskifishing # 14

This was another awesome event with a big turnout of Jetskifisho's including more interest than ever with woman and kids participating.

Check out our latest video with highlights from the day. Many pics are on the Jetskifishing Facebook page, if you have a cool product and would like to be involved with sponsoring the next event, please email

Congrats to Brent Martin who took out the top prize, receiving $1,000 cash and the title 'King of Jetskifishing'.  Brent has had a great year with Jetskifishing, including catching his first 20 pounder, with his name being added to this latest prestigous trophy.

Great seeing our Jetskifishing Store clients continuing to get the reward after prepping for the sport with quality gear. Hopefully we will see a few more added on the latest trophy after this weeks social trip to Great Barrier Island! (watch the JSF Facebook page for regular updates)

King of JSF # 14 full results as follows:

DAIWA Kids Heaviest Snapper

1st  Ryan Johnson - 3.00kg, 2nd Josh Kelly - 2.50kg, 3rd Cooper Hill - 1.7kg

JACK LINK'S Heaviest Other Species

1st Lachlan Haddon - John Dory 2.35kg, 2nd Russell Clark - Trevally 1.35kg, 3rd John Hickey - John Dory .95kg

SHARKSKIN Heaviest Kingfish

1st Lucky Draw, 2nd Lucky Draw, 3rd Lucky Draw

MARINA CANTINA Heaviest Kahawai

1st Lloyd Selby-Brown - 2.50kg, 2nd Peter Jacobsen - 2.35kg, 3rd Mark Greenfield - 2.20kg

NZ JETSKIFISHING CLUB Legend of Jetskifishing

 Grant Roxburgh - 2 species

BERKLEY Average Weight Snapper

Russell Clark- 2.25kg

JFK POWERSPORTS King of Jetskifishing, Heaviest Snapper

1st Brent Martin - 6.25kg, 2nd Grant Roxburgh - 4.95kg, 3rd Dennis Pou - 3.70kg, 4th Nik Sadler - 3.05kg, 5th John Hickey - 2.90kg

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Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill