Results of the JFK Powersports King of Jetskifishing!

Awesome results with another big turnout of Jetskifisho's including many new faces enjoying the sport.  Lots a great pics are on our Jetskifishing Facebook page.  If you have a cool product and would like to be involved with sponsoring the next event, please email

Congrats to Joseph Mostert who took out the top prize, receiving $1,000 cash and the title 'King of Jetskifishing'. 

King of JSF # 16 full results as follows:

IF ONLY Trophy

Charlie Pou

GULP Kids Heaviest Snapper

1st  Cooper Hill - 2.55kg, 2nd Jack Walker - 2.25kg, 3rd Conner Constant - 1.6kg

DAIWA Heaviest Other Species

1st Pete BG - John Dory 2.65kg, 2nd Alan Donoghue - Gurnard .35kg, 3rd David McKenzie - Gurnard .25kg

PENN Heaviest Kingfish

1st Pete BG - 6.35kg, 2nd Peter Jacobsen 6.15kg, 3rd Lucky Draw

GULL FUEL Heaviest Kahawai

1st Charlie Pou - 2.55kg, 2nd Pete BG - 2.4kg, 3rd Peter Jacobsen - 2.25kg

NZ JETSKIFISHING CLUB Legend of Jetskifishing

 Peter BG - 4   species, 14.55kg

SHARKSKIN Average Weight Snapper

Martin Seyfarth - 2.35kg

JFK POWERSPORTS King of Jetskifishing, Heaviest Snapper

1st Joseph Mostert - 4.45kg, 2nd David McKenzie - 4kg, 3rd Daniel Michev - 3.85kg, 4th Sean Taylor - 3.75kg, 5th Neels Erasmus - 3.35kg

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill