Plenty of nice sized eating fish close to home.

Fishing off a personal watercraft has so many benefits, but the convenience for quick after work missions would be one of the best attributes for me. Yesterday evening my son Cooper and I took advantage of the lovely weather and headed out for a calm water ride to the area of Maria Island. The distance is a comfortable 20 minute ride from Bucklands Beach and the location has a reputation for holding plenty of Snapper due to its rocky terrain. The downside with fishing this area is the shallow water combined with the foul ground can often find yourself getting snagged and the bigger fish will eagerly bust you off.

While fishing this area we spotted some Terns working the bait fish. We assumed it would be Kahawai beneath the bubbling water however we were pleasantly surprised to be catching Snapper before hitting the bottom! We found 12 to 15 metres depth held the fish along the contour line, that we located with the sounder. While fishing 1 oz of weight the fish were most aggressive as the bait was sinking back towards the ski after the cast. The pick bait for Cooper were Gulp Chocolate Sparkle - Squid Vicious, while I had the most success on Gulp New Penny Nemesis. 

We are so fortunate to have such a great fishery in New Zealand, we called it quits once catching enough for our meals and enjoyed a lovely ride back at sunset to complete another day living the dream.

There are plenty of big fish still being caught at the fishing grounds of our next social trip. There is still time to book for our next adventure in April, only a few spots left. Check out some of the latest video action while fishing off the new Sea-Doo GTX.


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill