Softbaits Catching More Twenty Pounders!

Summer is here and in New Zealand everyone knows of someone who is Jetskifishing or looking at getting started in the sport. The reality is, you can spend the money on purchasing a ski but that still won't guarantee you catching fish. Rigging the ski properly, using proven gear and educating yourself about the sport will have you closer to catching fish.
In recent weeks I was approached by Wai Not Tourism who operate Jet-ski Tours, who were eager to expand their Jet-ski tour business in the Bay of Islands to include Jetskifishing guiding. I appreciated the opportunity to supply them with all their necessary fishing equipment along with me teaching their guides how to softbait. The paid two day course also included 5 hours of 'off the water' tuition, including step by step education on how to rig a ski to minimise maintenance, gear loss and having all equipment at convenient access. The off water tuition also included knot tieing, how to prepare soft baits, casting techniques and advise on the various jig weights required.
The guides which I taught were all first time Jetskifisho's and new to soft-baiting, the results were awesome! Within 48 hours all three had nailed the soft-baiting techniques and were hooked on Jetskifishing.

The team at Wai Not Tourism were absolutely wrapped with their tuiton and I continue to receive their thanks and positive feedback days after completion. I look forward to seeing the updates on their Jetskifishing Guiding in the Bay of Islands. This will be great for anyone who is looking at getting started with the sport and can try it first while away on holiday.

My trip was completed after a quick Snapper fish a little further North, where soft baits delivered again, catching another 20 pounder. Check out my two latest videos which can help you with some tips on what to expect when that big Snapper hits your bait.

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill