Winter Jetskifishing for big fish!

It has been a busy few weeks including just hosting my latest Jetskifishing education seminar. It was really great to see plenty of interest from a massive group of Jetskifisho's who were eager to learn more about the sport.
With over 10 years of Jetskifishing experience, it still amazes me that there is always something to be learnt from every adventure. Sharing many of these experiences with other anglers can certainly save others lots of time and money, so they can enjoy the sport to its full potential. There were so many of the attendees of the seminar interested in learning more about soft baiting.  With most of the queries around which jig weights I use, as many who arent catching fish haven't been using enough weight to get the baits to the bottom. I personally use 1oz minimum. Most importantly you need to use the appropriate size/length jig head, so the hook is the necessary distance down the bait. If the hook is too short/high, the fish will likely just grab the tail off your bait!
For those new to the sport, it was also an introduction to Ultimate Reel Covers.

They are the only sure way to save your gear from salt water spray, a top priority investment for your kit. Jetskifishing is a harsh environment and your fishing tackle will receive long-term damage that will unnecessarily cost lots of money and also affect the performance of your gear.

There were plenty of aspects of the sport covered in my latest seminar, in particular the importance of safety. Some vital equipment needed for anglers jetskifishing are a Handheld VHF and Personal Locator Beacon, its amazing that there are still many people that are yet to add this to their basic kit. Safety is paramount, please take advantage of my best priced safety gear. There was also education on reboarding a ski from deep water and how this is done. The NZ Jetskifishing Club is offering a safety drill this coming Sunday, great time for people to join the club so they can be involved.

I will be hosting more seminars throughout the year, keep watching my Facebook Page for more dates coming soon.

Between all the events, work and club activities I managed to fit in some fishing for myself and rewarded with another 20 pound Snapper. This was caught at a location which we will be holding our upcoming September Social Trip. On this latest fishing adventure, the rig used was the 2oz Elevator Rig with a Gulp - Salmon Grub.  This bait sure has caught plenty of big fish, enjoy the latest catch on VIDEO

There was also plenty of Kingfish, check out the VIDEO of the strain they put on the softbait gear.

There are lots of exciting Jetskifishing events coming up over the next few months. Join one of the social trips and sign up to the New Zealand Jetskifishing Club so you can learn more and really enjoy the sport.

Cheers, Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill