April 06, 2017

More Personal Bests!

Our latest Jetskifishing social trip lived up to everyone's expectations with 53 Jetskifisho's enjoying amazing conditions, big fish and plenty of fun off the water! These trips allow like-minded anglers an opportunity to learn more about the sport, while amongst the company of guests with various experience levels.


  1. 8.15 KG Pete BG
  2. 7.9 KG Craig Falconer
  3. 7.6 KG Lance Marr

Our next trip is June, make sure you are booked so you too can enjoy the sport to its full potential, with the opportunity to catch something special. Book your spot online at Jetskifishing, 4 days includes meals at a luxury resort for $545 per person.

Check out our photos of our recent trip, this shows what these events are about.

Craig with some big Snapper caught with the Gulp - Orange Tiger Grub


Lance fishing on his Sea-Doo GTX, caught this 16 pound PB Snapper, after some friendly tips from some of our other guests.

Iain joined us for another fun trip, driving all the way from Taranaki to join us on this latest experience.

Andrew Barker on his first Jetskifishing social trip, catches a 14 pound Snapper less than 5 minutes from the boat ramp!

Dave with a couple of Northland pannies, the consistent fish size is often over 13 pound on these adventures.

Pete with another big Snapper, taking out fish of the trip at 18 pound, being caught on the Gulp - Closing Night Nemesis.

The Doubtless Bay - Ultimate Jetskifishing Experience crew of April 2017

(Check out some of our guests trip reviews on the Jetskifishing Facebook Page)

Another exciting event to also get involved with, the JFK Powersports King of Jetskifishing is April 30th. $65 per adult, $35 per child, EVENT T-SHIRT ORDERS CLOSE THIS WEEK!

February 27, 2017

More big catches at the latest club comp

We have just enjoyed another fun event with the New Zealand Jetskifishing Club, with plenty of the members showing off their fully rigged skis. More lovely summer  weather made for a great day to be on the water. The club has over 120 current club members and it is always nice to see so many giving the comp a good go.

The top three fish were some very nice sized Snapper, with the biggest going 6.6kg, caught on the Gulp - White Glow Grub.

Congrats to David Johnson, the latest winner of our members only fishing comp, winning $500 at the fun half day event and being the latest name to be added to this prestigous trophy.

Check out the weigh-in video at the Jetskifishing Facebook Page.

If you own ski, get signed up to NZ's biggest Jet-ski event! King of Jetskifishing # 15, April 30th 2017, SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING is only $35, FINAL 2 days to enter at this special price!

January 30, 2017

Softbaits Catching More Twenty Pounders!

Summer is here and in New Zealand everyone knows of someone who is Jetskifishing or looking at getting started in the sport. The reality is, you can spend the money on purchasing a ski but that still won't guarantee you catching fish. Rigging the ski properly, using proven gear and educating yourself about the sport will have you closer to catching fish.
In recent weeks I was approached by Wai Not Tourism who operate Jet-ski Tours, who were eager to expand their Jet-ski tour business in the Bay of Islands to include Jetskifishing guiding. I appreciated the opportunity to supply them with all their necessary fishing equipment along with me teaching their guides how to softbait. The paid two day course also included 5 hours of 'off the water' tuition, including step by step education on how to rig a ski to minimise maintenance, gear loss and having all equipment at convenient access. The off water tuition also included knot tieing, how to prepare soft baits, casting techniques and advise on the various jig weights required.
The guides which I taught were all first time Jetskifisho's and new to soft-baiting, the results were awesome! Within 48 hours all three had nailed the soft-baiting techniques and were hooked on Jetskifishing.

The team at Wai Not Tourism were absolutely wrapped with their tuiton and I continue to receive their thanks and positive feedback days after completion. I look forward to seeing the updates on their Jetskifishing Guiding in the Bay of Islands. This will be great for anyone who is looking at getting started with the sport and can try it first while away on holiday.

My trip was completed after a quick Snapper fish a little further North, where soft baits delivered again, catching another 20 pounder. Check out my two latest videos which can help you with some tips on what to expect when that big Snapper hits your bait.

January 04, 2017

See what we have been catching!

Happy New Year, we have been enjoying some pretty special days on the water this summer. Check out this dream day with my son Cooper at the location of our next Jetskifishing social trip.

I can't get enough of the soft bait fishing, consistently catching good sized fish on my favoured smaller Daiwa rod and reel combo.  We couldn't believe the fish sign on the new Raymarine ES78, we knew we were in for some solid fish!

Cooper also caught a new personal best, Gulp Salmon Grub doing the damage again. The Jetskifishing Store only have a few of the Salmons left in stock, as they are being discontinued! Don't miss out, you can order them online, 10 packs maximum per customer.

We have plenty more of what we have been up to on my Facebook Page. If you are ready to gear up with some of my cool Jetskifishing accessories, please call me to arrange an appointment as I may be out there enjoying the fishing!

December 01, 2016

Always learning with Jetskifishing

Much of my time as of late has been helping others learn and enjoy this growing sport. Some of the many activities I donate my time to:

  • King of Jetskifishing
  • NZJSF Club evenings and events
  • Social trips introducing anglers to each other so they can learn more about the sport
  • Continual social media promotion of the sport
  • Radio interviews
  • Magazine features
  • Plus recent inclusion of in store seminars educating anglers on rigging their ski, to catching fish

Leading in to the seminars I had taken for granted that for even those who have been enjoying the sport for years, there is still plenty of opportunity to learn from my experience. Here are some key tips I found well received in the latest seminar which the majority who attended werent familar with:

  1. Reel Covers protect your reels from saltwater damage and secure rods in the rod holder.
  2. Personal Locator Beacons are not owned by many ski owners, personally for me this is a priority in my necessary saftey equipment. I wear this at all times, as it is no good to you if it is left on the ski, as the time you need it will be when you are in the water.
  3. Coastguard membership  is a top priority for safety.  I have found only a small percentage of people have subscribed to this amazing service.
  4. Jetskifishing Masks are proving very popular with the community and many say it is  a 'must have' in their kit.
  5. Only a few people knew about the Coastguard Northern Region APP.  I use this to analyse real time wind direction while planning fishing trips with other weather forecast apps such as Swellmap.
  6. Anglers have been struggling to get the soft baits to the bottom depths and since the seminars, are only now learning about my favoured rig the Berkley 2oz Elevator Rigs.
  7. Knot options - not many were confident with knots and welcomed  what works for me. As I Soft bait, I use 15lbs & 20lbs J Braid on my Daiwa set ups, firstly with a doubled section of braid using a spider hitch before tieing my Daiwa 30lbs Saltiga Fluro Carbon with a back to back uni-knot, then finishing with a uni-knot at a Berkley Genie clip which allows me easy changes of my jig head weights.
  8. I use the custom length Ultimate Jet-ski Net, with a easily replaceable rubber mesh basket if ever damaged. The net is the perfect length to easily retrieve a decent size Snapper out of the water with one hand and being a rubber basket will not have you tangling your hook barb in the net.
  9. A small tackle assortment is all that is required on the ski, in a soft pouch of some sort. Any loose tackle in large plastic tackle boxes will only get damaged in transit.
  10. It was surprising at the amount of new anglers struggling for comfort and warmth, not aware of the thermal clothing options. Having  a two piece Sharkskin top and bottoms, also makes for easy toilet breaks on the water. Sharkskin has superior warmth vs wetsuits out of the water and eliminates uncomfortable chafing and rashes caused by wetsuits whilst riding.

There are so many tips to be learnt at my seminars, above is just a glimpse to what I received feedback on from guests. They really enjoyed seeing the whole Daiwa Sea-Doo kitted to the next level with dual battery system, nav lights etc. and valued the more detailed tips I discussed about my personal softbaiting techniques.

Last week I experienced one of my most exciting adventures yet, I travelled to Great Barrier Island with 9 of our New Zealand Jetskifishing Club members to learn more about the island. The trip was a huge success, a few personal bests caught by my guests and just as many fun times off the water. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting Mulberry Grove School. After a short visit introducing the school to Jetskifishing, the kids were so excited! Enjoy the video and share this with your friends so they too can see how exciting the lifestyle of Jetskifishing is.

My next Great Barrier Island social trip is May 2017, bookings are open, anyone attending would require at least two previous social trips experience. Also required is an all wheel drive vehicle to take advantage of the various launch options I have researched, the trip is limited to 12 people.

November 09, 2016

King of Jetskifishing # 14

This was another awesome event with a big turnout of Jetskifisho's including more interest than ever with woman and kids participating.

Check out our latest video with highlights from the day. Many pics are on the Jetskifishing Facebook page, if you have a cool product and would like to be involved with sponsoring the next event, please email

Congrats to Brent Martin who took out the top prize, receiving $1,000 cash and the title 'King of Jetskifishing'.  Brent has had a great year with Jetskifishing, including catching his first 20 pounder, with his name being added to this latest prestigous trophy.

Great seeing our Jetskifishing Store clients continuing to get the reward after prepping for the sport with quality gear. Hopefully we will see a few more added on the latest trophy after this weeks social trip to Great Barrier Island! (watch the JSF Facebook page for regular updates)

King of JSF # 14 full results as follows:

DAIWA Kids Heaviest Snapper

1st  Ryan Johnson - 3.00kg, 2nd Josh Kelly - 2.50kg, 3rd Cooper Hill - 1.7kg

JACK LINK'S Heaviest Other Species

1st Lachlan Haddon - John Dory 2.35kg, 2nd Russell Clark - Trevally 1.35kg, 3rd John Hickey - John Dory .95kg

SHARKSKIN Heaviest Kingfish

1st Lucky Draw, 2nd Lucky Draw, 3rd Lucky Draw

MARINA CANTINA Heaviest Kahawai

1st Lloyd Selby-Brown - 2.50kg, 2nd Peter Jacobsen - 2.35kg, 3rd Mark Greenfield - 2.20kg

NZ JETSKIFISHING CLUB Legend of Jetskifishing

 Grant Roxburgh - 2 species

BERKLEY Average Weight Snapper

Russell Clark- 2.25kg

JFK POWERSPORTS King of Jetskifishing, Heaviest Snapper

1st Brent Martin - 6.25kg, 2nd Grant Roxburgh - 4.95kg, 3rd Dennis Pou - 3.70kg, 4th Nik Sadler - 3.05kg, 5th John Hickey - 2.90kg

Have you RSVP'd for next week's seminar?

New product arriving soon!

The latest addition to my Ultimate Accessory product range, no more wet car seats and protect your car seats from water and sand. Taking pre-orders now on this Ultimate Seat Protector. Purchase on the introductory price and be guaranteed one in time for your summer of Jetskifishing.


October 17, 2016

Busy month for Jetskifishing!

It is all go with Jetskifishing currently, my booking list is growing for high end custom ski fit outs, now with no availability till the end of November! If you are planning on your fit out this side of Xmas, call me now to arrange a booking to have your ski rigged for this summer. Exciting news, my new ski has just received the Daiwa vinyl wrap, looking smart and won't be missed on the water. Check out the full video of the work invovled on this project.

Want to learn more about Jetskifishing, I will be speaking at Action Sports Direct  - Mount Maunganui  Friday (21st October) Come and check out my latest Sea-Doo, there will be refreshments on the evening and we need an indication of numbers attending.

Some of you wanting to learn more about getting started with Jetskifishing? You can listen to my Radio Live interview where I chat with the team on the Fishing Show who are really liking what they see with our sport.

Yesterday was the New Zealand Jetskifishing Club, Members Only comp where we had some record catches for this fun comp. Always a fun day and great seeing the girls showing the boys they too can catch the big ones when it counts.