The lifestyle of a social Jetskifisho... 6th to 9th February 2013

The wait was over and we had thirty eager Jetskifisho’s heading for four days at the beautiful Bay of Islands. Many of the Jetskifisho’s attending had been on this adventure before and with the event’s growing popularity we also had a few newbies joining in for the fun. On the Wednesday morning the majority of the group met for introductions at Dairy Flat Autobahn, where the anticipation builds of the good times ahead!

The drive north takes approximately three hours to our launching point, where we were greeted by the friendly team from Otehei Bay for our luggage service to the island.

It’s always an amazing spectacle at these trips seeing so many well equipped Jetskifishing skis in one place. After a quick safety briefing, giving all the new anglers an understanding of the experience and expected boating etiquette during their stay, we were heading over to the island.

The majority of our group were fitted out with Jetskifishing masks and they were a much appreciated accessory for what was four days of windy weather to come!

Arriving to the island’s clear water, intense summer heat and welcoming atmosphere is a great way to chill out for island time.

These over-night social trips are as much about off the water experiences, making friendships and plenty of fishing talk!

All were settled in with their cabin accommodation and the next few days saw plenty of fishing, followed with great meals to fill any fisherman’s appetite.

Fishing was however hard going with the challenging strong easterly winds. The key was to fish in the areas sheltered from the chop, while avoiding the plentiful number of juvenile Snappers. Five minutes from our location, I caught this beauty with a 5/0 1oz jig head and the Gulp – New Penny Grub striking again!

A few of our crew caught personal bests, including Brent landed this Snapper of his newly rigged ski from the Jetskifishing Store.

Another one of our newbies was living the dream, this time on to a Kingfish using the light gear.

A great reward, his patience paid off after the long battle, with the support of the cheering crowd from the one of the large tourist boats.

Here is another personal best, Ian Charlton will remember this one for years to come after catching this Snapper out by Hole in the Rock in some challenging conditions.

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Here is a peak at the on tour antics, all thinking safety first at the bar.


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill