Just Dooing it at the work-ups... 6th of March 2013

With the weather in New Zealand gifting us with some late summer heat, it is encouraging us to spend our time enjoying Jetskifishing. This session, being a mid week fish between obligations of work and preparations for the Sea-Doo King of Jetskifishing. I invited one of our event sponsors to come out with me on his Sea-Doo GTX to see what we could find on local fishing adventure. Not much encouragement needed, Ian was all over it knowing he was in for the X factor of Jetskifishing!

We headed for our destination with my leisurely speed of fully tapped ;-) to Flat Rock area, with Ian eagerly keeping up with the pace. First stop was some Kingfish jigging which only raised some rats, for those new to fishing “rats” are undersized or close to legal Kingfish.

My wing man couldn’t complain, his first drop was the bonus of this nineteen pound Snapper on the jig!

The heat was getting the better of us on a glorious day on the Gulf so I opted for a cool down ride in search of work-ups. If you can find them, it is the most exciting atmosphere for Jetskifishing! The more intense work-ups involve, Gannets diving from above, while Dolphins are rounding the bait fish with other predators of the food chain beneath. All going well we usually find easy fishing amongst the work-up activity with good sized Snapper.

Lots of nice sized Snapper with the day finishing with another fish just over fifteen pounds after the cameras stopped.

The video link shows how great the day was and I am sure that those that have experienced it before can relate to our enjoyment.

Got to love days like this, with the fish hitting all we threw at them from the Gulp soft baits to the Jitterbug slow jig which caught all my fish on the day. This pic shows a new first for me, two Snapper on the one jig!

On this adventure we sure did hit the hot bite time and all came together perfectly to make one of those dream days on the water.


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill