Sea-Doo King of Jetskifishing 7... 24th March 2013


The day had come again to see who would earn the title of the newest King of Jetskifishing. With this bi-annual event and being the seventh King of Jetskifishing, it is always exciting to see who has entered. The summer format features our spectacular shotgun start leaving Eastern Beach. All entrants are required to make the early start with their skis around to the beach for registration. On registration at the Sea-Doo tent, they receive their complimentary King of Jetskifishing Tournament bag with our sponsor’s goodies.

We were fortunate with the weather and had great turnout with 78 registered anglers. The competition is continuing to attract nationwide interest with anglers travelling from as far as Whakatane and Taranaki, making the most of meeting others involved in the fun sport. After the early morning briefing, each Jetskifisho would set off and give it their best at the generous $6,000 prize pool.

Also up for grabs, the bragging rights for the Logitech “Mad Mile”, you can view this exciting aerial video footage by viewing at our Jetskifishing YouTube page.

After a few minutes of horsepower fueled adrenalin, we soon had new King of the Mad Mile, Lemar Patterson on his Sea-Doo RXT.

Here is the full video clip of the day’s action, including the winners of the major species categories.

It was another great event involving the whole family, with the BBQ and refreshments enjoyed at the end of the day. Plenty more photos are now loaded on our Facebook page, thanks very much too all our sponsors that continue making the event possible. Great to see another newbie to the sport taking out the King of Jetskifishing, just proves that all entrants have as good a chance as each other on the day.





LOL Heaviest KIDS Snapper

1st Cooper Hill (Yamaha FX HO Cruiser), Prize & Trophy – Daiwa rod & reel combo & LOL pack.

Weight - 1.00kg

2nd Matt Kemode (Yamaha FX HO), Prize – Sharkskin SPF50 Top & LOL pack. Weight - .75kg

3rd (Raffle Draw), Prize – Jetskifishing cap & LOL pack. Weight – n/a


JFK’s Jet-ski’s Heaviest Kahawai

1st Cooper Hill (Yamaha FX HO Cruiser), Prize & Trophy – Daiwa rod and reel combo.

Weight – 2.70kg

2nd Wayne Denby (Yamaha FX HO),Prize Sharkskin SPF50 Top. Weight – 2.55kg

3rd Joel Keen (Yamaha FX HO Cruiser), Prize – Cock & Bull Voucher. Weight - n/a


Top Catch Heaviest “other species”

1st Joel Groenewegen (Sea-Doo GTX), Prize & Trophy – Berkley soft bait rod and reel combo.

Weight – 4.25kg (Trevally)

2nd David Beasley (Yamaha VX), Prize – Sharkskin SPF50 Top. Weight – 1.80kg (John Dory)

3rd (Raffle Draw), Prize – Cock & Bull Voucher. Weight – n/a


Raymarine Heaviest Kingfish

1st Peter Todorov (Sea-Doo GTX), Prize – $500 Raymarine Voucher. Weight – 7.35kg

2nd Daniel Michev (Sea-Doo GTX), Prize – Sharkskin SPF50 Top. Weight – 6.50kg

3rd (Raffle draw), Prize – Cock & Bull Voucher. Weight - n/a


Attwoods packaging Average Snapper

1st Neil Inns (Sea-Doo RXT), Prize & Trophy - $500 CASH. Weight – 1.00kg


New Zealand Jetskifishing Club, Legend of Jetskifishing

1st Daniel Michev (Sea-Doo GTX), Prize & Trophy - $400 CASH from NZJSFC.

Weight – 10.10kg (3 species)


Rent a Dent and Jitterbug, Team of Jetskifishing

1st Daniel Michev and Steve Manuel THE TWO AMIGO’s

(Sea-Doo GTX’s)

Prize & Trophy - $200 CASH and 2 x Jitterbug Packs.

Weight – 10.10kg (Combined prize winning fish)


Sea-Doo King of Jetskifishing in association with Woodbine Marine

Heaviest Weight Snapper

1st Jarrod Langstone (Yamaha FX HO Cruiser), Prize & Trophy - $1,000 CASH. Weight – 4.35kg

2nd John Hickey (Yamaha FX HO), Prize – Daiwa rod and reel combo. Weight – 1.80kg

3rd James Johnston (Sea-Doo GTX Ltd), Prize – Berkley Tackle Bag. Weight – 1.70kg

4th Stefan Orzel (Yamaha FX HO), Prize – SavePhace Jetskifishing Mask. Weight – 1.65kg

5th Eddie Braun (Sea-Doo Wake), Prize – Cock & Bull Voucher. Weight – 1.60kg


Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill